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Friday, July 29, 2011 | 9:05 AM

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We’re excited about the growth we’ve seen in tablet usage over the past year, and we’re continuing to improve the user and advertiser experience on tablets with full internet browsers. Today we announced the launch of a refreshed Google Search for tablet users. Now tablet users can experience an optimized version of Google Search designed to maximize the screen real estate of a tablet and be easy to navigate via touch.  
In turn, we’ve updated the look and feel of search ads on tablets to customize the experience for tablet users. Aside from the visual changes, the number of ads which show on Google Search will now be dependent on the orientation of a tablet:
  • If you enter in a search query when the tablet is in landscape mode, there will be a maximum of two top ads above the search results.
  • If your search query occurs when the tablet is held in portrait mode, there will be a maximum of three ads above the search results.
  • Similarly to high end mobile devices, there will also be a maximum of three ads at the bottom of search results regardless of tablet orientation. 

All campaigns targeting tablet devices will show on this new tablet-optimized search experience. However, here are some ways in which you can make use of AdWords account features to review and manage tablet ad performance:  
  • Earlier this month we introduced the ability to target tablet devices in Campaign Settings, offering greater control over specific tablet device types and the ability to target specific types of tablet users.
  • Just as you can segment by Search or Display network traffic, you can now segment by the type of device in your Campaign reports to view traffic and conversions from ‘Tablets with full browsers’.
We hope that this updated tablet search experience will help users continue to find the most relevant information, and advertisers to see improved performance on tablet campaigns. We’re excited for the ways in which tablet devices will help businesses and consumers connect with each other. Learn more about targeting tablet devices here.

Posted by Surojit Chatterjee, Product Manager, Mobile Ads 


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de3an said...

"we’re continuing to improve the user and advertiser experience on tablets with full internet browsers."

I'm sure by now you realize that the Google Search format change on the iPad is very unpopular with users. I, along with many others have switched to Bing as the default search engine.

Soon your advertisers will have no iPad audience left.

MarkieDSade said...

Keep dreaming, Google. I have the impression you have not involved a lot of users in this decision. I have allreay taken the backdoor and switched to Yahoo. Bye, bye...

Gulraiz23 said...

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Mr said...

Same here, I and everyone I know with an iPad has switched to Bing. Bye Bye Google, this has been a long time coming