Click-to-download ads now display application icons

Friday, July 22, 2011 | 10:00 AM

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Do you or your business promote a mobile app on Google Search? You can already drive customers to your app and drive downloads in the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace via Click-to-download ads, but today we’re making these ads more visually appealing by adding a new feature: application icons. 

   Previous Click to Download format, no icon         New Click to Download format, with app icon.

We’ve improved the existing Click-to-download format by automatically finding and displaying the icon that is registered in the iTunes App Store or the Android Marketplace. The icon gives richer visual information to users, and more clearly indicates the purpose of a Click-to-download ad. This improves the ease by which people can discover and download new mobile apps. A click on the app icon or ad text link will bring users to the download page in the iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

If you are already running Click-to-download ads, you’ll automatically begin to see app icons appear next to your ads on Search. If you’re interested in getting started with Click-to-download ads, learn more here.

Posted by Takashi Sakamoto, Software Engineer, Mobile Ads


Amit Khanna said...

Nice work Takashi!

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