Five mobile trends to watch and how you can get started today

Monday, August 1, 2011 | 8:53 AM

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Mobile has finally delivered on its promise and it’s transforming our lives in almost every way, connecting our physical and digital worlds. Smartphones are driving an explosion of the mobile web. Check out the video below and learn about five trends we’re seeing in mobile. As marketers, you’ll need to take action, so stay with us through the end for some key steps to get started on mobile today.

Why is going mobile important?

  1. 85% of mobile devices will be web enabled by next year.
  2. Mobile search has grown 4x in the past year.
  3. 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent.
  4. 30% of restaurant searches are from mobile devices.

It’s time to use mobile to your advantage. And it’s not too late to be early.
Hungry for more data? Check out  our new mobile insights page.
Posted by Suzanne Mumford, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Ads


Paulo Bartolomeu said...

Thanks for the sharing.
Definitely it will be a major marketing channel in years to come.
It already is in countries where people are used to it and accept it.


sfsmartp said...

I have seen this coming. I have been preparing for it. I am counting on it. See my site and see why