Tablet targeting options now available

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 | 9:07 AM

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In May we let you know that tablet targeting options would be coming soon.  We are excited to announce that tablet targeting is now available to all advertisers. Tablet targeting is a new AdWords campaign targeting option that allows advertisers more precise control to target tablets and effectively reach the growing number of users of these devices.

You can find the new “Tablets with full browsers” targeting option under the “Networks and Devices” section of your Settings tab within your AdWords account.  While you were able to specifically target Apple iPad devices in the past under “Mobile devices,” the new tablet targeting option elevates the tablet to its own device category and enables you to target your ads to all tablet devices. In addition, the new tablet targeting option provides more granular control as you can also select specific operating systems. For example, to display your ads only on the Apple iPad, you would choose “Tablets with full browsers” as your device targeting setting and “iOS” as your operating system setting. 

With this launch, your ads will automatically start running on tablet devices and no further action will be necessary on your part.  If your campaigns were specifically targeting Apple iPad devices, you may notice an increase in impressions and costs as we include more tablets in our ad serving options. If you don’t want your ads to appear on tablets, you can change your tablet targeting settings by following these step-by-step instructions.

With more than 165 million tablets expected to ship over the next two years, we believe that the strong growth of tablet adoption and usage will provide significant opportunity for marketers to connect with consumers in more powerful and relevant ways. We hope this new tablet targeting option helps you better capture this opportunity.  

Posted by Surojit Chatterjee, Product Manager, Mobile Ads


Olivier Paroz said...

I find it interesting that Google chooses to support WebOS but sees no potential in the Playbook.

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the tablet targeting option introduced is quite userfriendliy
meking the search of desired target quite easy

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