AdMob Network hits 2 Billion Requests a Day

Thursday, January 6, 2011 | 8:47 AM

Mobile usage continues to explode, and we continue to see rapid growth throughout the AdMob network of mobile sites and applications. What does this mean for mobile advertising? Today we receive more ad requests in a single day than AdMob received for the entire month of December 2007. That’s a magnitude of 30 times in just over three years.

Here are a few quick stats on what’s happening in our network:
* The AdMob network now receives more than 2 billion ad requests per day, more than quadrupling over the last twelve months.
* More than 100 million unique Android and iOS devices requested an ad each month, nearly doubling over the last six months.
* Rapid growth is global. Nine countries in the AdMob network generated more than a billion monthly ad requests in December 2010, up from just one country a year ago.
* The strongest regional growth in monthly ad requests over the past year has come from Asia (564%), Western Europe (471%) and Oceania (363%).

As we kick off 2011, we continue to be excited about the rapid growth of the mobile industry and of mobile advertising. It’s clear that the growth trajectory of the entire mobile industry is just going to continue to get steeper this year, creating big opportunities. Are you ready for mobile in 2011?

Posted by Harsh Shah, Google Mobile Ads Marketing Team


Pavel Egorkin said...

anyone here from admob support who can help me?

Peter@Yell said...

This is certainly a huge growth in a short period of time. What is counted as 1 "ad request". Is it a user looking for a specific product/service or is it a return of a Google Ad Capsule on a results page?

Google Mobile Ads Blog said...

Hi Peter,

In the context of this post, an ad request is a request for an ad impression from a handset on the AdMob network.


Peter said...

This is a very impressive number. Congratulation!
A related question is how many apps (both iOS and Android) have admob installed (or %)? I couldn't find any number by googling.


Arjun said...

"More than 100 million unique Android and iOS devices requested an ad each month, nearly doubling over the last six months".

Do you mean Android & iOS combined of 100mn? or each on its own of 100mn?

Edward said...

AdMob published that they had more than 5 bil US (or NA) requests in December 09, that means December 2010 was over 20 bil?