Esurance Uses Google Mobile Ads With Click-to-Call to Reduce Cost Per Acquisition by 30%

Friday, August 6, 2010 | 9:47 AM

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Earlier this year we launched click-to-call functionality, which enables customers to connect with businesses by phone directly from a mobile ad.  How are advertisers using the click-to-call feature? And is it working?  We’d like to share a case study that showcases how one national financial services advertiser used click-to-call to achieve their marketing goals.

Esurance is a San Francisco based auto insurance company dedicated to improving the way customers shop for, buy and manage their car insurance.  To support their new brand positioning -- “people when you want them, technology when you don’t,” the marketing team wanted to enable mobile phone users to quickly reach an agent live or interact with the company through the mobile web.

To do this, Esurance developed an iPhone app that provides users with quotes, insurance information and claim resources. They also launched mobile optimized landing pages for the campaign so that potential customers could easily get information via the mobile web.  Additionally, Esurance ran click-to-call ads on both feature and high-end mobile phones.  With click-to-call, an interested person could get in touch with an agent to obtain a personal quote in just a few steps.  To track the results of the campaign, Esurance used unique 800 numbers in their ads and optimized performance as soon as the campaigns went live.

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The results were impressive. Esurance significantly reduced acquisition costs, acquiring customers at 30% less than through other marketing channels. They also boosted conversion rates.  Click-to-call mobile ads drove a 30%-35% higher response and a 5-10% lower cost per click on mobile than on online.

Tolithia Kornweibel. Director of Online Marketing at Esurance, summed up her experience saying, “The click-to-call feature of Google mobile ads is key, because it allows a user to connect to us directly after a search -- so customers have a great user experience, and we get a positive return on investment.”

To learn more about Esurance’s approach, please download the full case study here. To read about other case studies, check out our Mobile Success Stories.

Posted by Jesse Haines, Google Mobile Ads Marketing Team