Innovative Swipeable Gallery ad unit for tablet launches new destination for Finnair, with 5% of impressions leading to an interaction

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | 7:00 AM

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How do you inspire excitement around an exotic travel destination that many people have never heard of? For Finnair, the answer came in the form of the new Swipeable Gallery ad for tablets. In a CPM campaign running across six European markets, nearly 5% of the impressions Finnair achieved led to an interaction. Of these interactions, 60% clicked to enter a competition and 12% clicked through to view fares on the site with the possibility to purchase.

The seeds for this success were sewn earlier this year Finnair when became the first airline to operate non-stop flights between Europe and Chongqing, China. While China’s importance among business and leisure travellers is rocketing, Finnair faced a challenge in stimulating tourism to the destination. Because travel to exotic places is an inherently sensory and immersive experience, the airline aimed to unleash the most stimulating and emotive advertising imaginable.

The goals? First, the campaign needed to be highly visual and interactive, leading people to learn as much as possible about the destination in a short space of time. Second, Finnair wanted to drive users to register for a competition (with the prize being a pair of round-trip tickets to Chongqing) and ultimately visit Finnair’s website to check the current fare offers with the opportunity to purchase tickets.

Finnair seized the Swipeable Gallery ad format as the ideal union of performance with branding. This format is part of Google’s Rich Media Designs for Mobile, a set of templates making it easy for display marketers to create rich media ads using existing assets and to implement them across platforms including mobile and tablet. In essence, the designs enable advertisers to create beautiful and highly interactive ads with no HTML5 expertise.

The Swipeable Gallery ad used by Finnair consists of links to make a booking or to enter the competition. But the main content of the ad is a range of compelling imagery from cityscapes to ancient sculptures to tantalising local food. The viewer can swipe horizontally to browse the gallery. Clicking on any image will expand it to full screen size, effectively allowing the viewer to dive into the irresistable sights of Chongqing.

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Posted by: Matt Brocklehurst, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Ads