Google Goggles marketing experiment continues with innovative HTC campaign

Friday, June 17, 2011 | 9:10 AM

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(6/17/2011) The image for this post has been updated.

Back in November 2010, we announced a Google Goggles Marketing Experiment in which brands “Goggles-enabled” some of their print ads, movie posters and other media.  When users scanned the elements of these campaigns, they would be able to click-through directly to a brand’s mobile destination.  

Today, we’re announcing another chapter of this experiment - an exciting new Goggles-enabled campaign from HTC. Google and HTC collaborated to create a campaign featuring Google Goggles in the US to raise awareness of their new HTC Sensation smartphone and further explore the concept of media bridging. HTC has partnered with prominent artists to make exclusive content available to users who scan their print, outdoor, and TV ads with Google Goggles.  You can experience the campaign for yourself scanning the ad below with Goggles:
HTC print ad
A Goggles-enabled advertising campaign was a good fit for HTC because they wanted to reach a young, tech savvy audience with this effort. Like the previous campaigns in the Goggles Marketing experiment, this campaign uses Google Goggles to connect offline media to the mobile web.  Users can experience and download exclusive music, videos and creative content via HTC’s campaign.
To check out this new Goggles-enabled campaign, download the Google Mobile App from Apple App Store or the Goggles app from Android Market and scan ads from HTC’s campaign that are marked with the Goggles logo.
Posted by Dalia Mitra, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Ads


Alex Rawal said...

Good Afternoon,

I am a Media Planner at TBWA/ Integer. I have been working with some creatives and would like to speak with someone at Google about possible marketing solutions with our clients using Google Goggles. Our Google account rep has not been of much help.

Dalia, if you know who I can speak with please email me at or call em at 303-328-3896.

Thank you,

emilly said...

nice informative sharing

Bark said...


My company is interested in the campaign and would like to know more about it. I've talked with the local rep before. It'd be great if global google goggle marketing team can share more info with us. pls email me at