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Monday, May 9, 2011 | 10:52 AM

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Last Tuesday we presented a webinar on Mobile Site Optimization and shared some best practices and next steps to help you get started on the path to a fully optimized mobile presence.

Google Senior Mobile Account Executive, Elliott Nix, and Mobile Specialist, Shiv Kumar presented key statistics surrounding the current state of mobile readiness and made a strong case for the importance of mobile site optimization.

With half of all Americans predicted to have a smartphone by the end of year* and rates of mobile web usage continuing to grow rapidly, it should come as a real surprise that so many marketers, including 79% of Google’s largest customers, do not have a mobile optimized website.

As the number of mobile visitors to your site grows, it’s increasingly important to make sure you’re providing your users with the best experience you can. In one study, 11% of users expressed being so frustrated with a mobile transaction that they’ve screamed at their device and 23% have reported cursing at their phones.** Don’t let that be your site!

To learn more about mobile site optimization, download the Mobile Site Optimization webinar slides or watch the recording of the event on the Google Mobile Ads YouTube Channel or below.

Posted by Martina Agapakis, AdWords Account Manager

*Source: Nielsen March 2010, Morgan Stanley 2010
**Tealeaf:, 3/31/11