TV Guide Digital uses Google’s AdMob to complement direct sales on mobile

Friday, April 15, 2011 | 8:59 AM

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As many online content providers are moving their content to mobile apps and sites, monetizing this new platform provides a new set of challenges.  TV Guide Digital was getting their feet wet in mobile before the iPhone even existed.  Christy Tanner, GM of TV Guide Digital, shares her insights into building a successful business on mobile.

With nearly 4 million app downloads across Android, iPhone and iPad, Tanner sees mobile as becoming an increasingly important part of TV Guide Digital’s business.  Christy Tanner points out, “we took our time to get the app right - we have loyal customers with high expectations and made sure the app met those customer needs prior to launch.”  Additionally, she warns newcomers to mobile that the development cycle is almost as fast as their online business.

Interview with Christy Tanner, GM TV Guide Digital

To keep users engaged with the apps, TV Guide is constantly providing new content and features to keep users engaged. Therefore an ad-supported business model makes sense to support this ongoing process. Yet, while the company has grown its mobile footprint, training ad sales teams to sell mobile ad space takes time. Tanner notes, “it is great to have the AdMob network to rely on when we have unsold inventory. AdMob is currently giving us the highest eCPMs of any ad network we work with and the customer service has been great.”

As Christy Tanner looks ahead, she is bullish on mobile and excited to expand TV Guide’s mobile offering to continue to meet user needs. As she sees more users interacting with multiple screens simultaneously, she hopes to see more advertisers leverage this opportunity to reach users in new, creative and engaging ways.

A full case study PDF is available here.

Posted by Keri Kandel, Product Marketing Manager


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