New beta AdMob Windows Phone 7 SDK expands cross-platform monetization options for developers

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | 11:02 AM

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One of the three core principles of our mobile ads business is ‘inclusiveness’; advertisers and developers should have access to the tools they need  to reach users across many mobile platforms.  More than 50,000 mobile applications across iOS, Android, and webOS platforms currently use AdMob’s monetization tools, and today, we’re excited to further expand our developer offerings with the launch of our beta SDK for Windows Phone 7.

With the Windows Phone 7 SDK, developers can easily integrate advertising into their applications, control where the ads appear, and what types of ads are shown in their apps. The SDK supports text and banner ads with a variety of post click actions including opening a webpage and linking directly to the App Marketplace.

We have also taken steps to customize the ad experience for the look and feel of the Windows Phone 7 platform and make it easy for users to return to their application after engaging with the ad. Publishers can download the new SDK today by logging into their AdMob account and adding a site type of Windows Phone 7.

In addition to the new beta Windows Phone 7 SDK, we’re also updating our existing iOS and Android SDKs.   The new SDKs include enhanced HTML5 support for ad units that enable advertisers to create more engaging, richer ads and in turn, an improved user experience.  We’re also now supporting full screen interstitial formats for tablets on iOS and Android.

Publishers can download the new SDKs by logging into their accounts and selecting “Get Publisher Code” from the Manage Settings of their app.  We encourage all publishers to upgrade during their next development cycle to ensure they are using the latest version of the code and maximizing their revenue opportunities.

Posted by Mark Schaaf, Director of Engineering, Mobile Ads


maxime said...

Does it work for xna games too ? or is it silverlight only ?

futileboy said...

This is exciting news! I'm looking forward to migrating all my MS pubCenter ads to AdMob.


Matthew Fabb said...

Good to see AdMob expand into other platforms.

I'm hoping next for an ActionScript SDK for developers creating content across iOS, Android & RIM's PlayBook. Right now developers are using StageWebView and pulling in HTML content to display ads, but it's a bit of a hack. A proper ActionScript SDK would be a huge improvement. said...

Great we will try and add it to the 1800PocketPC App for WP7

Cyber Coder said...

This is awesome! Thank you! Now we don't have to use Microsoft's US only Ad system.

Derek O'Brien said...

Actionscript SDK please..

JD said...

Trying it but only displays "test" ad. Tried in live mode as well, waited 2 minutes... no real ads shown. Is it supposed to be like this? Till when?
There is also no support/assistance information.

Google Mobile Ads Blog said...

Hi Maxime,

At this time this is available for Silverlight.


Google Mobile Ads Blog said...

Hi JD,

For AdMob SDK questions, check out the AdMob Google Group -


Stefano said...

Please solve this problem:


nowshow said...

Our AD request always fail : Ad not available.
Fill rate : 11.15%
So sad, how can i fix this issues?

Bao Le Duc said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

ramon said...

AdBanner is not running in its own thread. Screen can freeze up to few seconds if user has unstable internet connection.

dachu test said...

does it work in all countries?
im from Poland and admob does not shows ads

Usama Wahab Khan said...

its a really nice post thank you google to promoting new technologies

Offer said...

hi guys, actually, inneractive ad mediation for WP7 optimizes more than 80 ad networks and agencies and provides eCPMs of ~$1 world-wide... not limited to the US alone.
The SDK can be integrated in less than 10 seconds, search youtube for "inneractive wp7" for a live demo ;-)
feel free to ping us at developers [at] inner-active [dot] com


xsictransitx said...

Doesn't work for me anymore after upgrading to Mango.