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Monday, December 13, 2010 | 11:43 AM

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Everyday consumers are using their phones to search Google and a growing number are turning to mobile to complete a variety of purchases.  In fact, according to internal Google data, in Q3 Google searches from mobile devices grew 130% year over year. Additionally, a Mobile Marketing Association study found that 59% of holiday shoppers said they plan to use their mobile phones to facilitate holiday shopping. So this year we are creating a better mobile shopping experience by helping consumers identify highly rated online merchants. Today, we are excited to announce that we are bringing Seller Ratings extensions from desktop to the mobile platform thereby enabling mobile searchers to see merchants who are highly recommended by other shoppers.

Having a great online reputation is key. Now with Seller Ratings on mobile, businesses can extend this important information from desktop to mobile devices. By showcasing relevant and useful rating information for your business, the extension can help differentiate you from your competition and guide potential customers to purchase from your site. Seller Ratings are aggregated from merchant review sites all around the web and the extension will only show when a merchant's online store has a rating of four or more stars and at least 30 reviews. As seen in the example below, the ad will display the merchant’s star rating as well as a clickable link to the seller’s reviews.

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Setting up the Seller Ratings extension is easy. Provided your campaigns are opted-in to show on high-end devices with full Internet browsers, Seller Ratings are automatically enabled for your mobile and desktop ads and do not require any additional set-up. Right now Seller Ratings are only available on, and domains. Ads will only show for advertisers who provide users with paid goods or services or those that enable the buying or selling of products or services via a marketplace. Please note that ratings are aggregated for the entire merchant store as opposed to individual products.

To learn more about Seller Rating extensions, including how to manage when they appear with your ads, you can read the FAQ in the AdWords help center.
Posted by Anna Khesed, Google Mobile Ads Marketing Team


Krishna said...


I think it's true because next online media boom is mobile media many of the users purchasing the smart phone and it's available by the many of the company in low cost.

Hey said...

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Melica said...

Sounds great!!! As I started my own e-commerce business last month, i`m really looking for ways to grow fast and to set up the seller rating extension as soon as possible. Can you give me some recommendation how to get to those 30 reviews fast? I heard about lost of merchant reviews sites, like eKomi or buyvoice or smth. like that. Has anybody tried them ?