Adidas boosts in-store sales with Mobile Offer Ads

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 | 8:00 AM

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Adidas, a major sports apparel manufacturer and retailer, was looking for new ways to drive customers to their stores.  So when Google Mobile Ads offered them the opportunity to be a part of a limited mobile Offer Ads beta, they jumped at the chance. Mobile Offer Ads enable advertisers to place coupon offers right into their sponsored search listings on Adidas was already testing mobile search ads to drive traffic to their mobile site and the beta allowed them to experiment with using mobile to drive foot traffic to their stores.

In their ad, the company offered customers 15% off purchases made in an Adidas store of $75 or more. Interested users could store the offer either via email or SMS. In addition to the coupon, the ad also provided a phone number and map of a local Adidas store, giving consumers all they would need to go in-store, redeem the offer and make a purchase.  With a click-through rate 28% higher than their past mobile advertising, the mobile Offers Ads campaign doubled in-store coupon redemption and increased the average in-store order value.
Based on the success of Adidas and other advertisers with mobile Offer Ads, we are excited to continue our work with offers and have since extended the beta to desktop computers. While beta participation is currently limited, we hope to make it broadly available soon.

Posted by Dalia Mitra, Google Mobile Ads Marketing Team


Michael said...

As a consumer/ad target and Android user, this sort of thing sounds very promising. I fear, however, that it will be less successful than it could be if Google doesn't figure out a better way to accurately rout target ads to appropriate geographic locations.

I live in South New Jersey and commute to Philadelphia. Most of the location-based ads I get served are for businesses in the North Jersey/NY market. This happens so often that I've more or less given up on clicking through the ads I'm served. Usually ends of being a waste of time and thus very frustrating.