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Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | 10:00 AM

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Since AdMob was acquired by Google in May, both teams have been collaborating on new products and features.  Today we are excited to announce a major new benefit to both AdMob publishers and Google advertisers that comes from the integration of these two teams.

In the coming weeks, eligible iPhone and Android application developers in the AdMob network will be able to show Google AdSense ads when an AdMob ad is not available. This will also enable Google advertisers to extend the reach of their mobile campaigns to the thousands mobile apps in AdMob's network, such as Rovio's 'Angry Birds'.

We’ve worked hard to make it as easy as possible for AdMob publishers to access this new inventory.  Publishers using a recent version of the SDK will not have to update their code.  
Reporting will integrate directly into your AdMob account, and you will continue to receive a single check from AdMob each month.  

Publishers should note that they will not be able to filter the types of AdSense ads (e.g. category, URL) that run in their app.  As a result, publishers who have ad filters selected for their AdMob inventory need to opt in to receive Google ads.  Publishers can check their “App Settings” tab in the Sites & Apps section of their publisher account to see if they are eligible for Google ads and opt in.  

Eligible iPhone and Android application publishers not utilizing ad filters will be opted into receiving Google ads as the feature is rolled out in phases over the next several weeks.  
Please visit the Help Center for more details.  All publishers who show AdSense ads must comply with the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions.

This is the first of many exciting things to come with the integration of AdMob and Google.  

Posted by Jason Morse, Google Mobile Ads Product Manager


donaldleegraham said...

This is great! How about a little love for Flash Developers using ActionScript 3?

I know that there is a Flash Lite SDK for AdMob, but that doesn't help Flash Developers like myself that are using Flash/AIR to build Android app.


maruf said...

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maruf said...

well thats good steps taken by google after they own admob.anyway,whats about admob mobile site publishers? are they gonna have google ad on their mobile site too?

Tristan said...

> All publishers who show AdSense ads must comply with the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions.

isn't this a bit contradictory: admob only allows access to adsense ads in mobile applications (not in admob ads for mobile web), while adsense Terms prohibits showung adsense ads in mobile applications (see ).

Bhavani said...

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