75% of YouTube Mobile users report that mobile is their primary way of accessing YouTube content

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | 10:26 AM

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Usage of m.youtube.com is exploding and mobile consumers watch hundreds of millions of video views on YouTube Mobile each month. To better understand these users and their browsing and video consuming behavior we recently ran a survey of users on m.youtube.com and received >16,000 responses.  Some of the results may surprise you:
  • 75% of respondents say that mobile is their primary way of accessing YouTube
  • 70% visit YouTube Mobile at least once a day
  • 58% spend more than 20 minutes per visit to YouTube Mobile
  • 38% feel that YouTube Mobile is replacing their desktop YouTube usage
However, these results may not be as surprising when you learn that, according to Nielsen, YouTube Mobile is the #1 video viewing mobile website in the US, with more than 7.1MM monthly unique users.  Advertisers can now own 100% share-of-voice on YouTube Mobile (m.youtube.com) by purchasing a daily roadblock and owning all available ad impressions for 24 hours.  Ads run on the Search, Browse and Home pages of the mobile website. Here’s an example of a recent Diet Coke campaign:

The roadblock runs across the Search, Browse and Home pages of m.youtube.com
Advertisers from a range of verticals have successfully run roadblocks on YouTube Mobile including autos, CPG, entertainment, retail and others.   Many advertisers choose to time their YouTube Mobile Roadblocks to coincide with product launches, sales events, or other days they are making a big media push.  Purchasing a roadblock of YouTube Mobile is an excellent complement to campaigns you may be running on YouTube’s desktop as you can reach users as they interact with YouTube from their device of choice. 

We’ve launched this opportunity in the US and we’re excited to roll it out in multiple international markets soon.

Posted by Johanna Werther, Advertiser Lead PMM, Google Mobile Display Marketing


Robin Donaldson said...

I would like to use this information in my mobile learning dissertation. Who should I contact?

Matt2099 said...

Unbelivable, they put this down as an advertisement. I just bought the Motorola Atrix (Android) based phone and I have to say at first it was great, I could watch almost any video... now however, most of the videos I would like to watch (even ones I have previously watched on the phone) are "Unavailable to mobile users" - this is rediculous, you shouldnt be able to filter access based on the endpoint used, not to mention even with full wifi and 4g network connectivity trying to sign into my youtube account always responds with the message "there was a problem with the network" - as an IT person I am absolutely disgusted with this and will never buy another google product. - youtube for mobile userse was good until someone pushed the filtering a little too far.