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Thursday, October 7, 2010 | 10:51 AM

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Today we are excited to announce the launch of Mobile Ad Sitelinks, a search ad format that displays additional links to content located deep within your site. Available globally on high-end mobile devices, Ad Sitelinks are an easy way to introduce customers to multiple landing page options for your website.

Ad Sitelinks on mobile function similarly to Ad Sitelinks on desktop. Currently, only two-line sitelinks will appear on mobile devices, with each line displaying one sitelink.  As shown in the example below, a mobile ad from Oakley, Inc displays two links, driving users to the “Custom Products” and “Sunglasses” sections of the company’s site.

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Desktop Ad Sitelinks have been a useful tool for advertisers, leading to an average increase of more than 30% in click-through rates.  Because websites may not yet be optimized for viewing on mobile devices, navigating them to find information can be more difficult.   As a result, we anticipate that mobile Ad Sitelinks will be similarly, if not more, effective on mobile as the benefit of deep linking and driving users further down the conversion funnel is even more valuable. Mobile Ad Sitelinks help by taking users directly to the specific content they’re looking for, enabling them to find information and complete transactions more quickly. 

Since we’re constantly working to bring our experience with desktop advertising to the mobile web, starting with Ad Sitelinks is simple. If you’ve enabled Ad Sitelinks on desktop, your ads will automatically show on mobile phones -- provided your campaigns are opted-in to run on iPhone and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers.

To learn more about Mobile Ad Sitelinks, please visit the AdWords Help Center. 

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Chrix Finne, Google Mobile Ads Product Manager


krozbonek said...

this for publisher too ?

Google Mobile Ads Blog said...

Hi Krozbonek,

Ad Sitelinks is a feature for search-based ads on

To learn more about this ad format, please visit this link:

M Holland said...

How many sitelinks can you get on mobile? is it just two as in the example or is it 4 as in desktop search?

if you have 4 sitelinks for desktop and change your settings to target mobile as well...which of the 4 sitelinks will show if only 2 are allowed on mobile?

Google Mobile Ads Blog said...

Hi M Holland,

On mobile, we only show a maximum of two sitelinks. If you have more than two sitelinks already set up for your desktop campaign and change your campaign settings to target mobile as well, we will use the first two sitelinks listed in your Ad Extensions tab.