Advertisers can now extend Interactive Video and Interactive Interstitial campaigns to Android with our new Android SDK for publishers

Monday, October 25, 2010 | 9:11 AM

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AdMob launched the first interactive video ad unit for the iPhone in November 2009. Since then, AdMob has run over 120 video and interactive interstitial campaigns worldwide for clients such as Universal Pictures, Best Buy and Seattle’s Best Coffee.  

More than 200,000 new Android devices are activated daily and our publisher network and traffic are growing rapidly on Android.  Based on demand from both advertisers looking to reach a cross-platform audience and Android publishers looking to maximize their revenue potential, we are launching interactive video and interactive interstitial ad units on the Android platform. By identifying the screen resolution, size, and network connection speed we are able to serve users the optimal viewing experience.
Extending rich media interstitial ad units to Android creates an exciting opportunity for mobile advertisers to reach a much wider audience across platforms and devices. These interactive ad units have proven to be extremely effective in engaging users on iOS and we look forward to helping our advertisers reach more users than ever across platforms.

Auto-play Interactive Video Ad Unit for Wolfman movie opening on app load in Angry Birds
AdMob interstitial ads are reserved for developers of the most popular and engaging iOS and Android apps.  These high value ad units can be placed at app-open or in-app and provide an additional option for premium publishers to effectively monetize their user base.

Our friends at CBS Mobile, who are at the forefront of mobile development, were early movers onto the Android platform and are excited about the availability of the new ad units. Philippe Browning, Director of Advertising and Operations at CBS Mobile, commented, "AdMob's interstitial video ad has been an effective unit within several of our key iOS apps, so it's great to see the same unique functionality is now available for Android."

Posted by Johanna Werther, Google Mobile Ads Marketing Team


aliendude5300 said...

What qualifies as a popular application? Will video advertisements be offered to more applications after a while? I would love to offer video advertisements in my applications, but I don't think they would be considered very high value...

Google Mobile Ads Blog said...

Hi Aliendude5300,

As advertiser demand continues to increase for these ad units, we will reach out to more developers to enable interstitial ads. We've made video ads available for a small collection of apps initially, but we're working to extend it to others in the near future.

Samual said...

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