“Uncover Your World” with AdMob rich media and the Google Search app

Friday, August 26, 2011 | 11:00 AM

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Here on the Google mobile ads team, we’re big fans of pushing the limits of what’s possible with our products. So when we were thinking about the best way to promote the Google Search app on iPhone, we wanted to see what we could do with the latest in AdMob rich media.

The answer, it turned out, was a whole lot. We worked closely with our marketing team and its agency, Grow Interactive, to create “Uncover Your World,” an interactive mobile experience that takes full advantage of AdMob’s rich media capabilities.

Here’s a preview:

(l-r): User clicks on an in-app animated HTML5 banner; They watch an in-line intro video; While exploring the ad, users can unlock secret games
And here’s a video where you can see how the ad actually works:

“Uncover Your World” invites you to explore a virtual cityscape and learn via a self-paced storyline how the Google Search app can “uncover” facts about the world around you with features like search with your voice and search with your phone’s camera. We highlighted this functionality by combining many of AdMob’s custom rich media features, including:
  • Animated HTML5 banners
  • Interactive HTML5 interstitials and expandables
  • Extensive video content
  • In-line video and audio, so the users stay within the ad while experiencing sight, sound and motion instead of being directed to the phone’s media player (e.g., Quicktime for iPhone)
  • Unlockable games where users tap, touch, and tilt to play

The preliminary results of the campaign have been impressive. On average, users spend over a minute and a half interacting with the ad, and of those, 50% go on directly from the ad to download the app.

As excited as we are about these results, we’re even more excited to see how “the pros” – our advertisers and their creative agencies – make use of the technologies behind the “Uncover Your World” campaign. As the campaign showed, the tools are all now there to build really innovative new mobile experiences that make use of the touchscreen, location, audio, video, interactivity, and more.

Designers... start your engines!

Posted by Clay Bavor, Product Management Director, Mobile Ads

You can also view the ad experience directly at http://www.uncoveryourworld.com on your iPhone browser.