Important changes to clicks on directions for AdWords location extensions

Friday, May 27, 2011 | 6:30 PM


Cross-posted on the Inside AdWords blog
Many advertisers use location extensions to automatically show the most relevant addresses and business information in the ads they run on Google both on desktops and mobile devices. Along with address and phone numbers, these ads also show directions to the business location. A click to access directions enables customers to map the quickest route from where they are located to a business that they want to visit.

We’ve also observed that location extensions with “directions” are beneficial to users and lead to more interactions with the ad. And, in January, we launched a report in AdWords to help you measure these useful interactions.

And, over the next few weeks, you’ll see performance metrics for “directions” alongside those for clicks and phone calls. We’ll also begin to charge for “directions” clicks in the same manner as a click on your ad’s headline and/or phone number. If your campaign has a high number of “directions” clicks, this indicates that your customers are interacting with your ads to get directions to your business.

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Below are some answers to a few questions that you may have as a result of this change:

Where will I see the performance metrics for “directions” clicks?
You can see the number of directions clicks in the same place as your other click metrics (select Segment, thenClick type from your summary tables). You can review the performance of “direction” clicks to determine if they are helping you meet your marketing goals.

How will “directions” appear in ads on desktop and mobile devices?
For AdWords campaigns with location extensions enabled, a “directions” link will be eligible to appear in the ad and on sponsored map bubbles in Google Map on desktops.

On mobile search ads, a “Get directions in Google Maps?” pop-up will appear when the user clicks on the expandable map. Clicking on “OK” in the pop-up allows users to access directions and will be charged.

Where can I see past performance of “directions” clicks?
For a report, select the Free clicks view within the Dimensions tab of your AdWords account. If you don't see theDimensions tab in your account, click the arrow button next to the existing tabs above your performance table, and select Free clicks in the dropdown menu.

I do not want to pay for “directions” clicks. How can I opt out?
You can do this by removing location extensions associated with your campaign. However, location extensions provide valuable information to your customers about your local business, so we encourage you to carefully analyze your campaign performance before doing so.

To learn more about location extensions and directions in ads, please see the location extensions overview section of the Help Center.