AdMob and Coca Cola bring the holidays to your mobile phone

Monday, December 20, 2010 | 8:29 AM

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The AdMob team at Google recently worked with the Coca-Cola Company to produce a live wallpaper celebrating the holiday season based on their annual holiday commercial.  Live wallpapers are animated homescreen backgrounds that respond to both touch and phone movement, and can also react to the time of day and a device’s geographic location.  This is the first time the AdMob team has worked with an advertiser on creating this type of mobile experience.

Coke’s annual holiday commercial features Santa in his workshop, surrounded by snowglobes displaying various winter cityscapes. Santa brings holiday cheer to the characters in the snowglobe by tilting the globes to bring together couples and families under a snowy winter sky.  Coke’s live wallpaper takes the user into this snowglobe experience. You can visit scenes from the video and tilt your phone to move the characters, just like Santa. Shaking your phone twirls the snow around, turning your Android phone into the snowglobe Santa interacts with in the holiday commercial! This experience is truly interactive and fun for the customer, while also providing a powerful branding opportunity and bridging marketing efforts across different channels. Advertisers have the chance to be the first thing a user sees when unlocking their phone or exiting from a mobile app.

Coke will be promoting this live wallpaper experience through a mobile display advertising campaign on the AdMob network. AdMob allows advertisers to target Android users as they use applications and browse the mobile web from their phone. By sending users directly to the Android Market, Coke maximizes their live wallpaper conversion rate. This reach ensures that the most people possible will be able to enjoy the wallpaper throughout the holiday season.

The video below shows how you can download the Coke wallpaper from an auto-play interactive video ad on the AdMob Network.

You can download the Coke live wallpaper by visiting the Android Market from your mobile device.

Posted by Vicky Homan, Google Mobile Ads Marketing Team


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